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Periodontics is the field of modern dentistry, which focus on maintaining the health of the gums and tissues surrounding the teeth from periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is a chronic bacterial inflammation that affects the gums, jawbone and teeth. It has been found in 50% of the population over the 30 years.

Periodontitis is the leading cause of tooth loss today, but early diagnosis and treatment of the disease can be life-saving for our teeth. Also in recent years, numerous scientific studies have linked periodontal disease to the manifestations of various diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, birth of premature and underweight children, as well as obesity. From the above it is understood that maintaining and restoring periodontal health is directly related to our general health.

In our dental clinic we follow a specialized 5-step treatment protocol:

Step 1: It involves familiarizing patients with the proper oral hygiene.

Step 2: Includes the conservative phase of periodontal treatment to remove the bacterial plaque  and germs from the tooth surface.

Step 3: Includes treatment with L.A.S.E.R, for antimicrobial activity but also for bio-stimulation of periodontal tissues.

Step 4: At this step, surgical repair of the bone lesions is performed.

Step 5: The 5th stage is the most important one and has to do with maintaining the therapeutic effect.Depending on the severity of periodontal disease, we are implementing a re-examination program for our patients to maintain periodontal health!

Early diagnosis and treatment is important in order to deal with periodontics. Frequent visit to our dental clinic is the key to maintaining our dental barrier for life!