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Implants - Same Day Teeth

Dental Implants - A Safe Restoration

Our natural teeth play an important role in our daily lives as they participate in our speech, chewing and smiling! Unfortunately, however, a large number of people suffer from the loss of one or more teeth. This has a negative impact on their daily lives, affecting both their smile and their overall appearance.

Implants are the result of scientific studies of the last decades! They are made of Titanium and integrate both biologically and functionally with the jawbone. Their success reaches the 97-99%. Their huge advantage is that we do not have to grind healthy adjacent teeth to support a dental bridge. We also eliminate the need to use mobile dentures, thereby improving the quality of life of our patients both functionally and aesthetically!

Teeth in 1 day! - Immediate Implant Loading

One of the most important developments in the treatment of implants in the last 20 years is their "Immediate Implant Loading". In these cases where there is sufficient bone quality and quantity, we can place the teeth on the implants in a few hours or days! These teeth are temporary and will remain in the mouth for a few months. After the osteosynthesis is complete we will place the permanent porcelain teeth. Usually, the patient's postoperative course is uneventful and can return to their daily activities in 24 hours.

PRP and CGF in Implantology

Since 2012 our dental clinic has the special centrifuge for the preparation of growth factors from the patient's own blood.

Growth factors are substances which are found in our platelets. When needed, through our bloodstream, they move to the area of damage and activate healing mechanisms.Applying an innovative protocol in Implantology, we combine implant placement with growth factors, thereby significantly reducing all the side effects of surgery such as edema and pain. At the same time we achieve excellent implant integration with the bone!